Compression Shirts and Other Ways to Hide Man Boobs

October 11, 2021

If you’re reading this, chances are you worry about the size of your man breasts…

Probably you wonder how to hide your moobs so people don’t notice them when they see you at work, on the street… even worse: at the gym!

To help you out we created this guide showing you exactly how to hide man boobs. With these top tips, you can feel confident again to go out and enjoy life!

We’ll show you some easy ways to conceal them (like with a gynecomastia compression shirt) as well giving you expert clothing tips on how to dress to hide them so you can carelessly enjoy your day-to-day life; whether at home, at work, or at the gym!

NOTE: we’ll share plenty of extra resources to specific man boobs workouts and treatments throughout the article so you can effectively battle your moobs, so be sure to take notes!

How to hide man boobs before removing them for good

Many guys out there think their man boob problem is so bad they need to either go to the gym each day to train them off; or consider surgery…

Truth is, more often than not the only thing a guy needs to do for direct results is to make the right style adjustments to hide those moobs.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Before giving you those expert tips on how to hide man boobs, lets first actually look into what man boobs are and how you get them.

What are man boobs (and why do you have them)?
We’ll try and keep this section short for you so we can get to the tips quickly, OK?

So, there are – basically – two main types of moobs. Before you can decide on how to treat your titties, you need to know what type you’re packing.

Which type you have depends on what causes it:

    1. Excess fat

The first one, excess fat, is the most obvious one. If you are obese, you have moobs, it’s as simple as that bro…

That’s because when you gain weight your body will try and find places to store all that excess fat, and one of the most common places for excess fat to get stored is – you guessed it – your chest area.

    1. Gynecomastia

The second one, gynecomastia, generally all comes down to the hormones that define the two genders male and female.

You see, men (should) have a lot of testosterone; the “male hormone”. Women, on the other hand, have more estrogen; a.k.a. The “female hormone”.

Without going into the science too much here, it’s these two hormones that also determine how your chest looks like.

More Info About Testosterone

More estrogen means bigger moobs (why do you think women have boobs?) so if your hormones are out of balance you can start growing those male breasts.

At the beginning of this section we said gynecomastia generally comes down to hormones, and that’s because there can be other things causing it.

To name a few causes:

The full list is much longer than this, but this is just to give you a bit of an idea of what can cause it. For more information check out our separate post about gynaecomastia:

Read More About Gynecomastia

Ok, now you have a bit of an idea of what can cause your moobs, it’s time to move on to the more important bit: those tips on how to hide man boobs so you too can be man breast free in no time!

Let’s start with the first one: wearing a gynecomastia compression shirt…

Gynecomastia compression shirts

That’s right, there are actual shirts you can buy to help you hide your male boobs!

You can either get normal compression shirts (which for many guys will do the job as well), or get shirts or vests that are specifically designed to help men with this tricky issue…

You see, compression shirts are designed to tightly fit around your upper body, which means they will compress – and thus often hide – all rolls and other fat flabs sticking out.

It literally presses your moobs into your chest, making them less visible. For many men with mild moob issues this is the answer to how to hide man breasts.

All major sports clothing brands have such standard compression shirts that can help you hide your problems.

Aside from such shirts, you can actually find specifically designed gynecomastia compression shirts and vests as well.

The difference is that these (unlike some compression shirts) are chest binders, meaning they will actually tightly bind around your chest area to flatten man breasts.

You can find good shirts like that starting around $20-30 already. When choosing one we advise you to take 2 things into consideration:

  • Don’t get sweaty fabrics – go for materials like cotton or microfiber
  • Get inconspicuous colors – most of them are white or black and it’s good to think about what works best under the clothes you’re wearing

There are loads of shirt options out there (more about dressing to hide moobs below) that can be the answer to how to hide gynecomastia and man boobs, but it doesn’t end there…

How to hide man boobs in the gym, for example?

Ask no more; we got it covered! Let’s move on to the next section…

How to hide moobs in a gym

OK, we’re just going out on a limb here and assume that this little story most likely describes your situation quite well:

You woke up, looked in the mirror one day, and said to yourself, “Gee, my chest is looking awfully soft and flabby. I’d better do something about it.” That’s great! You had an epiphany.

The next step was that you joined a gym, and now you’re poised to work off your moobs like a sharpshooter.

But you sort of want to disguise them to ward off onlookers who might make fun of you. That’s cool, because there are ways to disguise them that can make your time at the gym a lot more enjoyable…

    1. Clothes

Now we’ve talked about clothes a bit already, and that’s a great first step to hide your moobs in the gym, but when you’re going in the gym you probably don’t want to wear a gynecomastia compression shirt below your normal gym outfit, right? You’ll be boiling!

Instead, it doesn’t take much to throw on a baggy shirt instead of gym clothes and waltz into the weight room. No one is going to detect a thing because there won’t be a skin-tight garment draped across the front of your upper body.

You can even safeguard yourself one step further by combining the two: tight and baggy together!

For example, think of wearing an A-shirt, also known as a “wife-beater,” under your baggy shirt. Think of it as the equivalent of a man bra.

In the event that you do any type of exercise that causes you to move around forcefully, like jumping rope, the undershirt will keep things in place a bit more. In other words, your moobs will be more secure and won’t bounce up and down as much.

    1. Keep to yourself

Often being a loner is a bad thing. But in your case it’s short term and you’re trying to disguise your moobs. So it might be a good idea to keep to yourself at the gym. Here’s how to do it.

Instead of walking into the weight room at the busiest time of day, go to the gym during off hours. The fewer people who are there, the easier it’ll be to keep to yourself. Then you won’t have to stress so much about masking your moobs.

Also, work out in an area that’s less populated – especially if there’s a lot of people there.

Grab some dumbbells, a stability ball, and resistance bands, and move to a quiet corner of the gym. Face a wall or a corner and proceed to mind your own business and do your workout to tighten your chest and train off those moobs…

Check Out These Man Boobs Exercises >>

No one will bat an eyelid or know you’re there, and you can train with the freedom of not being judged, ridiculed, or seen.

It’s even better if you can find a fitness classroom that’s not being used. You can slip right in there undetected like Inspector Clouseau and no one will have a clue…

    1. Body position

You may not have thought about this before, but you can do a pretty good job of hiding your moobs by the way you hold your body in the gym.

Naturally, if your arms are pulled back and you puff your chest out, you’ll be advertising for the whole world to see. But if you keep your head down and your arms forward, you can hide your moobs.

Yes, it’s true: This is not good mechanics and it’s definitely not good for your posture. But it’s short term and you’ll only be doing it at certain times when you’re in the gym.

Because of this, you’re best served by incorporating some back and arm extension drills into your training, too.

You can do these from the comfort of your own home, so you won’t even have to worry about disguising yourself. And speaking of back extensions, yoga is a good option in this department.

But more on body position in general and how to improve your posture to hide man boobs further on in this article.

For now, use these few quick tips on how to hide man breast in the gym; quick, easy, and effective!

Next up in our top tips on how to hide man boobs: the way you dress!

How to dress to hide gynecomastia

We’ve talked about compression shirts, we’ve talked baggy shirts in the gym, but what we haven’t fully discussed yet is your day to day clothing.

How else to dress to hide man boobs throughout the day?

    1. Camouflage

We’re not talking Navy Seal style shit here, we’re talking about choosing the patterns on your shirts carefully.

Choosing the right colors and details can really help you cover those little man bumps from sticking out…

Our advice? Not a lot of contrast and stick with smaller patterns. For example smaller checks on a darker background could work really well to hide your moobs!

    1. Thick and layers

You can easily conceal your moobs by wearing thick clothes or multiple layers of clothing.

Think of the compression shirts we mentioned earlier to wear underneath a shirt, or how about just a normal shirt with a jumper or cardigan over it?

Now this solution won’t help much if you live somewhere like Texas, but for guys living in a colder climate this can be an easy solution to their problem.

    1. Light will make you look heavy

Wearing white clothes won’t do your bodily appearance any favors, as it actually makes your body look bigger!

And that’s not just white but light colors in general. So try sticking to darker colors to hide your man breast.

    1. Slimming stripes

You’ll see this in a lot of suits because it works to make you look more slim: vertical pinstripes.

Try finding some dark-colored clothes with narrow pinstripes to make yourself look slim. But, beware of too large patterns as overdoing it won’t do you favors in this case.

Subtlety is key!

Improve your posture to make your man breast less visible

Last but definitely not least: improve your posture!

We’ve mentioned this shortly earlier on, but that wasn’t the full story…

You see, bending forward and hunching a bit to cover your moobs is a great way on how to hide man boobs in the gym and for a short time, but it sucks for your back in the long run.

In fact, many bros with boobs start walking like a hunchback over time, just to try and hide the truth…

We get it, but this not only harms your back and spine, it also harms your appearance. Think about it, have you ever heard a woman say she finds it sexy when YOU bend over?

Didn’t think so bro!

So stand up straight, tilt those shoulders back and walk proud! Funny thing is, if you do that you will actually automatically draw your chest straight more and your moobs will flatten out and become less obvious!


We hope by now we’ve given you all the tips, tools and ammunition you need to battle your man boobs!

We’ve shown you many ways on how to hide man boobs to make sure nobody sees them, as well as a few links to useful sources with chest workouts and more.

Finally, be sure to check out our dedicated page on how to get rid of your man boobs with even more information and THE KEY to getting rid of them, once and for all!

The Secret To Getting Rid Of Man Boobs >>




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