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Tyler Gained 13lbs AND Stripped Body Fat – In 30 Days! Here’s How

September 14, 2021

before and after image of crazybulk customers

Can you really make any visible changes to your body in just one month? CrazyBulk customer Tyler, from Newfoundland, Canada says yes you can – and his photos prove it.

Just a couple months ago, Tyler was a typical mid-30s gym rat with nothing to show for all the training sessions, workouts, and boring cardio slogs he did. Take a look at his before photos.

No wonder he looks peeved. He’d spent hundreds – maybe thousands – of hours in the gym during his 20s and 30s. And for what? He was out of shape, overweight, and had no confidence in his physique.

Did he cry about it? Blame it on his genetics? Fall face down into a pile of Maple Leaf Cookies? No sir. Tyler decided enough was enough. He set himself a 30-day challenge. 30 days to whip his out-of-shape ass into something that reflected his passion for the gym.

Tyler knew about thermodynamics, calorie deficit, training, and cardio. But those things hadn’t worked for him in the past. Sure, he’d lost a little, taken some inches off his waist, and seen the scales move. But it wasn’t enough.

So he got to researching natural, safe, and legal supplements that would actually make a big difference in just 30 days. That’s when he discovered CrazyBulk. And then this happened…

Impressive, don’t you think?

“I’m so pleasantly surprised by the effects these CrazyBulk products had in just 30 days,” he told us. “I haven’t modified my diet at all, and I didn’t do any cardio either! But as you can see, my body fat dropped tremendously and I actually gained 13lbs, but it’s got to be muscle because I’m so much leaner and my stomach is so much smaller!”

Run that past us again, Tyler. No diet changes, and zero cardio? Just training, Testo-Max, and D-Bal? Those are some crazy results my friend.

The best supplements for a 30-day transformation

Tyler only used two supplements during his transformation – Testo-Max and D-Bal from our strength and cutting ranges. Here’s why they were the perfect choice for his challenge.

Shift your body into testosterone mode

One of the big problems Tyler faced (and we do mean big!) was that his hormones were out of whack cos he was carrying so much body fat. Without getting too technical, you’ve gotta know that the more fat you’ve got, the more estrogenic your body is (and that means it’s pumped full of the female hormone, estrogen). It’s a bad spiral for any man to be in! You wanna get leaner and build more muscle, but cos you’re out of shape you’re already on the back foot. What you’ve gotta do is take action to shift your body into man-mode; boosting testosterone to lower estrogen and getting everything back in balance.

Tyler made a smart move when he added Testo-Max to his 30-day transformation challenge. That’s because Testo-Max is an all-natural testosterone booster that combines 11 potent ingredients (including D-Aspartic acid, fenugreek, red ginseng, magnesium, and zinc). More test means more energy and focus for better training, better recovery, and more lean, hard muscle gain.

The max level post workout supplement

Tyler also knew how important the post-workout period would be during his 30-day attack on fat. So he took D-Bal, our super-powered post-workout recovery supplement. It’s an amazing mix of quality whey protein, plus extra BCAAs (including leucine, the key muscle gain amino acid).

What makes D-Bal really special is the ingredient Tribulus Terrestris (‘Trib’) – a potent herbal ingredient which boosts muscle growth as you recover faster. This helped Tyler hit the gym hard 6 days per week as he torched fat, erased his belly, and packed on muscle all over.

6 days training, but zero cardio!

Unbelievably, Tyler did all this with no cardio at all in the 30 days. Most guys would add HIIT, fasted cardio, or two-a-day workouts in a desperate bid to lose serious body fat. But Tyler took it easy, knowing that regular weights training, plus his trusty CrazyBulk supps would be enough. And he was right.

Tyler wanted to see what could be done with no cardio. He trained 6 days per week and focused on taking his weights extra heavy.

“I trained with heavier weights, and decreased my reps,” he explained. The smart way to pack on muscle and boost testosterone!

Tyler’s approach worked. He’s gained muscle in his arms, legs, and chest, and his waist has come down a ton. He can even see his obliques coming through! Quite something for a guy who was so down on his physique just 30 days prior.

And it’s not just his physique which saw the benefit. Tyler is now training harder and heavier than ever in his mid-30s.

“I couldn’t believe how my lifts increased even though I was losing fat at such a rapid rate,” he said. “My bench increased by 30lb, and my squat by 50lb. Both my stamina and strength grew tremendously, at a time when you’d think I’d be getting weaker. It’s crazy!”

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Busting through fat loss & training plateaus in 30 days

“I’m so happy with the results of using Testo-Max and D-Bal,” said Tyler. “Even after 10 days, my training was so much better. I could actually feel the strength increase and see the increased pumps in every gym session. I had major increases in bench and squat, when I hadn’t been able to see any gains in a long time. These products bust me through a plateau, and now I don’t know what my limit could be! I’m very happy with what D-Bal and Testo-Max have done in such a short time. I’ve seen amazing progress in just 30 days.”

Have you got 30 days to dedicate to your own body transformation? We can support you with the natural, effective products and training advice you need. All you gotta do is get started!

Which CrazyBulk products have given you crazy results? Tell us about them in the comments below.




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